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» Smile and be happy «


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Some people just fall apart in love. And some are lucky to have someone to stitch them back together.

(because the crappy picture of this I posted earlier wasn’t good enough and I love my caption haha)

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gorgeous kai noticing you

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IU proposing to a fan ©

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sm: luhan come back here immediately


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“ I acknowledge my fears, I accept my fears, and I’m letting them go. ”

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About “Only U” lyrics

"Seohyun wrote these lyrics while on a trip to the Swiss Alps with her parents. That’s really impressive. The competition was intense. There were about 30-40 lyric entries for this song, and after a harsh judging process, Seohyun’s was picked."-Tiffany

"It came easily as I was working where I could see the snowy landscape before me. I wrote it in one day."-Seohyun

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